energy efficient windows

Are you looking for a professional local window company with superior window selection and service? As your full-service window company, we offer a vast array of energy efficient replacement windows for your project. Our custom-made windows come with many built-in features that keep your home comfortable and well-protected in any weather.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Consider some of the standard features of our energy efficient windows:

PVC Vinyl Construction

All of our windows are made from quality PVC vinyl for its durability and insulating properties. The frames and sashes are fusion welded for increased resistance and to create an airtight seal that won’t leak.

Energy Efficient Glass Panes

You have the option of double- or triple-pane glass in every window. We also use Argon-gas fill that further prevents thermal transfer through the glass. Finally, our glass has a Low-E coating to reflect UV rays away from the property on those hot summer days.

Sash-to-Sill Interlock

Traditional sloping windows are great at keeping water from pooling on your windowsill, but may bow inwards slightly in high winds, allowing for drafts and water leaks. Sash-to-sill interlock technology solves this problem with an interlocking sash channel and windowsill rail. The rail holds the sash fast against high winds for increased durability.

Built-In Screens

Our windows also come with built-in screens, so you don’t have to worry about loosing the window screen during a storm. These custom-fit features also provide more comprehensive protection against insects.

Storm Windows

If you are worried about bad weather, our storm windows offer the increased tensile strength needed to resist the worst the East Coast can throw at them. These windows also boast double weather stripping to help keep out dust, wind, and rain.

Energy Efficient Replacement Window Installation

When you are ready to get an energy efficient upgrade with professional window replacement, turn to ProEdge Remodeling. Our window experts are here to educate and guide you through the process of picking out the right products for your home.

We offer unsurpassed expertise as a replacement window contractor that has serve Rhode Island and the surrounding states for almost 60 years and counting. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started right away.