The Winding Road of Remodeling

Remodeling your home is a journey. Some are long, filled with winding, bumpy roads. Others are fast, straightforward, and smooth. It's easy to feel overwhelmed on a remodel project, but it's also comforting to know that you aren't alone! We've pulled together a list of our favorite home remodeling blogs from everyday people from across the country. No matter the size of your remodeling endeavor, the following blogs will provide you with encouragement, laughs, and helpful resources as you go.

The List

These blogs that made the cut do a great job of realistically walking through what the process of remodeling your home is like--complete with all of the struggles and, of course, the satisfaction.

1. Young House Love

John and Sherry are a Virginia couple whose fun, informative blog tells their story of completing multiple home remodels while working on several additional DIY projects and raising two young children. They do a great job of showcasing each home remodel. They also even include multiple tips and resources to help others with the remodeling process!

2. Katy Elliott

This blog is a fantastic resource for New Englanders! It chronicles the writer and her family as they endeavor to completely remodel their 262-year-old home in coastal Massachusetts. Unlike the first on our list, she focuses on a step-by-step telling of the family's remodeling experience with plenty of great images.

3. It's Great To Be Home

This family has flipped 10 properties, as well as their current home. Readers have access to the hard remodeling work of a self-proclaimed 'serial home improver' with plenty before-and-after images and best practices for home remodeling.

4. The Ugly Duckling House

For those who love do-it-yourself projects, this is a great blog for you. Here you'll find the tale of a young professional in Atlanta who has endeavored to remodel every room in her house.


Although a household name for a long time, HGTV has a fantastic array of remodeling resources for each part of your home, whether indoor or outdoor. It's geared for those with a more cutting-edge flair. Another great aspect of this listing is all the images included with each post, which is helpful if you're involved in your first remodel or aren't as familiar with all that the process can involve.

6. For The Love Of A House

Another great blog for New England homeowners can be found in this glimpse of one New Hampshire family's renovation of an old farmhouse. The writer features a room-by-room look at the extensive work done to make this house modern while retaining its original beauty.

7. Pinterest

Finally, we've included the mother of all home remodeling blogs: Pinterest. This is an overwhelming yet helpful resource that will link you directly to helpful websites that can walk you through every part of your remodeling process, from building materials to design ideas and EVERYTHING in between. Be sure to check out ProEdge Remodeling's personal Pinterest page as well! Happy Pinning!


If you made it through each blog on the list, chances are you aren't feeling alone and overwhelmed, but excited and motivated to push through and successfully complete your home's remodel. Sometimes all it takes is a little breath of fresh air!

Best of luck on your future remodel!