Just Ask Jack

Home remodeling impacts every member of your family, from the oldest to the youngest. We recently had a moment to ask Jack, the son of one of our customers, a few questions about windows. It was a lot of fun hearing his answers! 

What would you like to see outside your window?

Jack: 'If I could see something out of my window, it would be a mushroom that is so tall that you can climb on it.'


Why is it important to have windows in your house?

Jack: 'So you could see and get fresh air.'


What would it be like if you didn't have a window in your bedroom?

Jack: 'Um... you'll be hot and sweaty.'


What is the coolest thing you've ever seen out your window?

Jack: 'The coolest thing I ever seen out my window is deers.'


Why are ProEdge Remodeling brand windows the best?

Jack: 'ProEdge Remodeling windows are the best cause they put the screen first, then the glass, and then the frame.'