The task before you can be daunting. Everywhere you look, there are toys, dust, crumbs, and a countless number of other things reflective of day-to-day living that can cause your home to seem cluttered or even dirty. But ther's good news -- all this can be prevented! 

Check out the tips below to get an idea of some very practical ways you can clean early and often to keep your home at its cleanest.

#1 - Clean the Shower...While You're In It

You read that correctly. Avoid the dreaded buildup of soapscum and mold by keeping a soap squirting sponge in your bathroom filled with half vinegar and half dish soap. Run this over the tiles and grout after each shower and see the difference it can make in keeping one of the toughest areas of your home spotless.

#2 - If You Aren't Using It, Put It Away

One very simple way to rid your home of the clutter is to always put away items you are finished with or don't need anymore. It can be all too easy for mail to pile up or toys tp litter the floor, so make it a habit to throw away whatever needs to be discarded, keep extra toys in a box or basket, and store any non-essentials in the basement, because everyday items don't have to be out all day.

#3 - Vacuum At Least Twice A Week

With each item on our list, you'll find that frequency is everything. One of the most common mistakes people make is to put off cleaning, when the real solution can be found in cleaning incrementally. Vacuuming is easy, quick, and eliminates the buildup of crumbs and dirt before they have a chance to accumilate on your carpets or hardwoods.


#4 - Use Dryer Sheets For Dusting

The next time you do laundry, hold on to your dryer sheets. Once your clothes come out of the dryer, use the leftover sheets to do a quick dusting of any needed spots around your home. Killing two birds with one stone will save you money and time , making cleaning effortless.

#5 - Do Your Dishes By the End of Each Day

You may have noticed looking around your kitchen that the cleaning fairies never show up for work, so if your sink runneth over with dirty dishes, the remedy is simple: wash them and empty the sink by the end of each day. No matter if you have to handwash or fill the dishwasher, putting a daily dent in your dishes like this will help you end each night without stress and make your morning routine much easier and enjoyable. 


Keeping your home clean, no matter its size, doesn't have to be a hassle. Taking small steps each day can help you minimize the work that domestic upkeep so often takes, and maximize the enjoyment you and your family can get out of each room of your house.