There is a lot of debate about whether or not storm doors are necessary and worth the upfront investment. Custom storm doors are installed on the outside of your regular front door to add extra security and insulation, and come in a wide variety of style options. They often have sliding glass panels and interchangeable screens to keep the house insulated in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s important to understand the signs that your front door might be in need of some extra reinforcement, so we have put together a list to help you decide.


1. Your current door is old but still in good condition.

You might have a beautifully aging door that adds charm to your house, but is no longer effective at insulating your home or keeping you and your family as safe as possible. Tearing out and replacing your vintage door is not the only solution. Adding a storm door could improve energy efficiency and security while preserving the “old house” character and charm of your home.

2. Your home is not very energy efficient.

Saving money is always a good thing. While a high-quality storm door might have high upfront costs, you are likely to save money in the long run on heating and cooling costs. This is especially true if your main door is old, wooden, improperly installed, or poorly insulated. The reinforced door provides a barrier between the house and the elements, and forms an insulating air pocket between the main door and storm door. Air leakage is minimized as well thanks to the added insulation.

3. You experience cold weather.

Cost savings are chiefly apparent in the winter when warm air from inside the house escapes to the outside. Your front door could be a major reason why your house feels a bit drafty in the winter months. An article from The Washington Post illustrates how a slim 1/3 inch gap under an exterior door can let in as much cold air as a 2.4-inch-diameter hole in your wall.


4. You also experience hot weather.

There is a common misconception that storm doors are not ideal during the summer months. In the summer, however, a storm door can help cool your house. Many storm doors include a removable half or full screen that allows for cross ventilation and fresh breezes on humid days. The screen option allows you to let in fresh air without letting in all of the bugs.


5. You need protection from inclement weather.

If you live somewhere like the Northeast that is prone to a lot of rain and snow, an exterior door will offer protection from leaks and the buildup of ice and snow. It is important to protect your home from the elements with a storm door; otherwise your door will take a pounding if it is exposed. Unless you have an overhanging roof that is at least four by four feet, you should think about safeguarding your door from the accumulation of snow, ice and rain.


6. Your home lacks security.

Break-ins are possible in even the safest of neighborhoods. A storm door with a keyed deadbolt adds a valuable layer of security to the main entrance. It is even possible to install a multipoint locking system where there is a bolt that secures the door jamb, protective grilles, and hooks at both ends of the frame. This is significant because the door jamb is the weakest part of the door, and is therefore most likely to break if your door is kicked in. By having extra security, you can better protect your family and home.

7. You want to let in more natural light.

Full-view glass panel storm doors are a gorgeous feature that allow sunlight to stream in through the front door. Well-lit environments have many proven benefits; including increased productivity, comfort, and positive mental and visual stimulation. You may also save on electricity by not needing to keep as many lights on while you are home during the day.


8. You plan on selling your home.

Installing a storm door is an easy way to increase the value of your house by adding curb appeal with a customized door. Potential buyers will also like the safety advantages and improved energy efficiency. As opposed to being an unnecessary purchase, it is in fact a way to increase your home’s market value.

9. You want an easy way to modernize your home.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, most manufacturers sell prehung doors in kits, so installation is simple. Many of the installation kits don’t take longer than four hours. Also, there are plenty of resources available for planning your project as far as figuring out a budget and timeline.

10. You want to add an element of style to the exterior of your home.

Storm doors do not have to be eyesores. In fact, they can add an element of grandeur that is cohesive with the style of your house. There is a wide range of customizable size and style options, such as the look of the door frame, glass, color, finish, screen type, and more. The ability to customize an attractive door that matches the size and style of your home is a valid reason to install a storm door. The front door is, after all, a gateway from the outside to the inside of your home, and can set the stage for how your home looks and feels.

These are our top ten signs that a custom storm door is a good investment for you. If you are debating whether to install a storm door or not, feel free to contact us.