From temperature regulating coffee cups to touch-screen coffee tables to futurustic fridges, the Consumer Electronics Show did not disappoint in 2016. Innovators, inventors, philanthropists, and technology enthusiasts showed up and showed off some of the most impressive technological advancements this side of the sun.

And while many of the electronic evolutions showcased at CES 2016 weren't all that practical for everday use, some pragmatic home-technology did manage to catch our eye. This list covers seven innovations that could enhance your home living without breaking the bank.

The Battle of the Titans

These two refrigerators duked it out at CES and are anything but your average kitchen appliances. Between the LG Signature and the Samsung Family Hub, they boast touchscreens, tap-activated tinted windows, enough storage space for the Brady Bunch, and internal-facing cameras that can send you pictures of your inventory as you're shopping. Woah. 

LG Signature Fridge 

Samsung Family Hub


If you're an avid coffee drinker, you've probably glimpsed mugs like this in your wildest dreams. This mug sustainsyour ideal drinking temperature for up to two hours, is equipped with a rapid phase-change cooling function that speedily reaches your ideal temperature a few seconds short of instantaneous, and is sleek as sleek can be. Ember is a must have for caffeine connoiseurs.

Cima NanoTech

Just when you thought tablet technology hit its ceiling, Cima NanoTech unveils its versatile, hybridized, and absolutely monstrous touch screen tablet. It can function as an eisel, classroom/conference room whiteboard, and even a coffee table. That's right, staring at a screen just officially became a family bonding activity. It can also accomode up to thirty-two individual touch-points at one time. The cherry on top? You can play air hockey on it! Need we say more?

8K Televisions

After three years, it's finally out of its prototype stage and ready for store shelves according to LG. Just in case you're unfamiliar with technological jargon, an 8K television is 16x the resolution as the standard high-definition screens and virtually hides any semblence of pixiliation from the naked eye. If you watch a fair amount of television, you may want to upgrade to an 8K TV sometime in the near-future.

Sensor Wake

We've all yearned to wake up to the refreshing aroma of a fresh cup of joe or drool-inducing, sizzling bacon strips on a daily basis... and Sensor Wake answered our plea. Sensor Wake offers fifteen different aroma capsules and a fail-safe alarm mechanism that will sound if your chosen smell doesn't quite stir you from your slumber. Sensor Wake is not a technology you want to sleep in on in 2016.

The Parrot Pot

For some, keeping your home plants well-nourished and... alive, is all but impossible. Maybe you travel often for work, maybe you simply forget to water them day after day, or maybe you water your microcosmic forest regularly but still can't stay its slow death. Maybe you need a Parrot Pot. These intelligent pots assume the role of an in-house botanist, monitoring your plants' soil nutrient levels, surrounding light, ambient temperature, and soil moisture. There's even a companion app where you can plug in the specific species of plant in each Parrot Pot to more accurately manage their individual needs. Parrots sold seperately.