There's no doubt that remodeling an older home is a daunting task. Particularly in New England, there are a number of things that need to be considered when making updates to both the interior and exterior of your historic home. In our opinion however, few factors are as important as choosing windows that match the appropriate style of your home.

Portals to the Past

The windows of historic homes provide glimpses into the varied pasts of families and communities, holding a wealth of memories made throughout the years. At the same time, they are fragile and thin, leaving your home's interior often adversely affected by seasonal elements such as heat and snow. How can you preserve both history and your home? Well, the answer may be easier than you think.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right replacement windows:

#1 - Add, don't subtract
Older windows are a huge part of what makes your home stand out as an authentic piece of history. Windows add a key component to your home. Replacing your windows should enhance the historical beauty of your home, while also breathing new life into every room.

# 2 - Follow the rules
The single most helpful thing that will aid you throughout the remodeling process is simple: rules.

Historic preservation societies like the Rhode Island Preservation & Heritage Commission and Providence Preservation Society are dedicated to doing just what was mentioned above, and they provide helpful resources in the form of guidelines for remodeling. Once you have combed through some of the important policies for your specific historic district, you'll have a better idea of the type of replacement windows are permitted - which will certainly help you narrow your choices.

# 3 - Consider all your options
It can be tempting, especially in the midst of a historic home remodel, to go overboard in terms of replacing more than what is needed. The right replacement windows may not be full replacements at all!

Storm windows are a fantastic alternative for those wishing to protect the older panes from the elements, while still leaving them intact. Storm windows also serve as a more affordable option for homeowners on a tight budget, as having custom windows made for all the varying sized portals can quickly get out of control. Don't be deceived into thinking that you have to spend a fortune on your new windows to save on energy costs. At ProEdge Remodeling, we have a variety of options to fit your specific window needs.

Learn from History

Choosing the right replacement windows for your historic home remodel doesn't have to be complicated. By setting out to preserve your home's historical integrity, you will only add to its value. The worst thing you can do is take the unique qualities of your home for granted!

Use replacement windows to showcase and, of course, tastefully update your home. Adhering to the guidelines provided by historic preservation societies is also a sure way to be successful in this area.

As you make these important decisions, don't forget to be open to more than one alternative to replacement. Stay focused, save money, and savor your results!