Do you have your heart set on remodeling, refinishing, or restoring your historic home back to its original and magnificent form? Are you bubbling over with ideas and lost in the wonderful possibilities that you see hidden in your tired and slumped-over abode? That's great! Keep feeding your dream. But, while an admirable and brave undertaking, you'll invariably need some help from the pros to jump start your newfound labor of love.

For instance, back in 2004, one father purchased a 160-year-old behemoth Victorian that he planned on restoring by himself. After a few months of solo work, his pet project quickly became too much for him to handle alone. It was time to bring in a professional consultant with a knack for historic preservation. He had a surplus of ideas for what he wanted to do with the old home but lacked the knowledge needed to adequately address the hidden defects that required immediate attention.

But that was before the mass migration to the biosphere. Now, the internet is crawling with experts yearning to impart their secrets to the likes of you!

So, in the spirit of seeking out professional advice as you set off on your historic home remodel, here are five blogs you should refer to regularly.

Old House Dreams

Old House Dreams seeks out and lists the most unique historic homes from across the country for your viewing pleasure. If you've yet to purchase your next fixer-upper or are just looking for a wide breadth of inspiration, this blog is for you. Examine how other historic homes retained their beauty and allure over the years and apply the methods to your own projects. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Retro Renovation

If you're seeking practical, tactical, and incredibly specific information on the nuances of remodeling your historic home, you'll want to add Retro Renovation to your bookmark bar. Their prolific posting schedule and wide array of topic areas will provide you with more reading material than you'll know what to do with.


Circa, an online magazine for old home enthusiasts, is rife with rich and informative content. You can browse its listings to find gems near you or spend time educating yourself through its Old Homes 101 resource. This is one of the most comprehensive compendiums of old home info you'll find!

The Craftsman Blog

The sheer amount of topics this blog covers is astounding! For all of you avid DYIers, this may quickly become your go-to resource. This blog doesn't shy away from the nitty gritty details. In fact, it specializes in them. So, if you're stuck on stucco or peeved about your latest plastering nightmare, consult our friends over at The Craftsman Blog.

Old House Journal

Old House Journal is one of the preeminent online resources for restoring old houses. They offer products and services for houses constructed before 1950, providing their readers with an exclusive reservoir of insight and information for old-home aficionados. Check back with Old House Journals early and often as you undertake your historic home remodel.