Every home needs that central meeting place where the family can go to play and relax. A porch enclosure, whether it's screened in or fully furnished for all three seasons, creates the ideal spot. 

It's not enough to know that you want a porch enclosure. There are countless different kinds and options to choose from. Save your creative porch enclosure ideas for after you've picked what type of room you want!

This is the quick guide you need to know what aspects to consider when shopping around for a porch enclosure or 3 season room.

Type of Porch Enclosures

There are a few different kinds of porch enclosures that you should be aware of before looking into the specifics. The type of addition you pick will determine whether or not the room can be comfortably used all year round.

It can be confusing to determine the difference between a sunroom, porch enclosure, screened in porch, patio room, etc. This will be helpful to know, however, when you meet with your builder. The three main kinds of porch enclosures are below:

Screened In Porch

A screen enclosure system can be added to an existing porch, and differs from a 3 season room or patio enclosure because instead of windows there is just a screen between you and the outdoors. This is beneficial for many homeowners because it's typically less expensive to screen in your existing porch, but maximizes the use of the space. Bugs and bad weather are kept at bay, while sunlight still comes in.

It still gets cold and snowy in the winter, so you may want to get a space heater if you plan on drinking hot cocoa on the porch. If you want to fully use your porch all year round check out the other two options.

Three Season Enclosure

Take your existing porch and turn it into a three season enclosure using sliding glass doors and windows. The reason it's called a 'three season' enclosure instead of four season is that the enclosed porch isn't fully insulated with heating and cooling abilities like a regular room in the house. It may get chilly in the winter, but for the rest of the year it's a sun-filled oasis for relaxing and hanging out with the family. 

Patio Rooms

Patio rooms are often characterized by the ability to use them all year round. They are essentially an addition to your house complete with all the construction fundamentals that a regular room needs. This includes HVAC systems and proper insulation that will allow you to lounge and work comfortably.

Another benefit of a 4 season patio enclosure is that you're free to decorate the interior however you see fit. The room is finished as an extension of your home, which allows you to paint, add wallpaper, and decorate in whatever way suits your style. 

Details, Details, Details

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Each porch enclosure option has variables you can swap out to match your home and preferences. 

Type of Windows

Make sure that your builder uses energy efficient, high quality glass for any windows and sliding doors. ProEdge Remodeling uses high performance glass that will last for years to come. 


If your room will be screened in, be sure to pick a durable screen. This is important if you have pets. There is screening specifically made to endure clawing and tearing caused by dogs and cats. PetScreen is a brand that reduces damage from pets. The screen should also reduce glare and be durable while letting the breeze in.

Materials for screens include aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum is great to use on a budget, tear-resistant, reduces glare, provides quality air ventilation, and makes for good visibility. Fiberglass will not dent or rust, and is becoming the go-to for many builders. Another option is BetterVue, which offers excellent visibility in a close-knit screen that prevents even tiny insects from entering. 

Color of Enclosure Trim

Match the trim to your house for a cohesive look. The porch enclosure should blend into the rest of the home's exterior.

Interior Design 

Time to hit Pinterest for some inspiration! The fun part for many homeowners is designing the interior space once it's complete. This includes everything from lighting to seating and wall decor. Check out our interior design infographic to learn the basics. 

From breezy screened in porches to cozy three season enclosures, you have the options to create the new most popular room in the house!


While it's never easy to decide between the countless options for porch enclosures, hopefully this article shed a little light on what those options are and what will be best for your lifestyle and home. Feel free to reach out to our experts if you would like more direction!