The space you live in should make you feel relaxed. Interior design plays a huge role in making your house a haven from the rest of the world. Great interior design that is both functional and aesthetic doesn't have to be difficult. 

Here are some simple interior design tips and rules to follow when designing the inside of your house. 

Interior Design: The Tips, Tricks and Rules


All artwork or mirrors should be hung so that the middle of the piece is 57 inches from the ground. The exceptions occur when the item is above a lower furniture piece (such as a sofa) or a higher place (like a headboard).


Have you ever though that your shelf decor didn't look right or seemed a bit unbalanced? This is where the 30 percent rule will help you out. When filling a shelf with items - whether they be books or accent items - make sure to keep 30 percent of the shelf space empty. This way, your shelf won't look too cluttered or too empty.

THE 60-30-10 RULE 

Dominant Color: Roughly 60% of the given space should be the dominant color. In the interior design terms, this color is for walls. Neutrals are the better choice for painting walls.

Secondary Color - The next 30% should represent your secondary color.

Accent Color - The remaining 10% of the color scheme is for the accent color. Accent color should be attractive. Warm, vivid colors are good accents. 


Almost all decorating involves odd numbers. Most often, the number is 3. Decorating with odd numbers is key. It provides something new and unexpected to the eyes and creates a more interesting space.

'I don't think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn't always have to be too serious. Design isn't like marriage, you don't have to commit for life' - Ross Cassidy


  • Perfect
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance 

Begin with a mood board, where you gather all your inspiration images, tear sheets, paint chips, floor samples and swatches in one place to check they all work together.


Avoid using oversize furniture in a small room.

Experiment with variations in size and proportion of your objects. Make sure you allow for natural pathways in your room such as from the door to the closet, and try to arrange furniture with those pathways in mind.


'Eclectic' is the new buzzword in interior design. It essentially means 'Anything goes' and follows the idea that our rooms shouldn't follow a formula, with everything matching. Instead aim to create a home that appears to have evolved organically, thereby feeling more original. A great way to achieve this is to mix period pieces with something contemporary or vice versa. 


DO: Use Magazines for Inspiration - Tear our pictures of furniture items, rooms, colors, and patterns and create your own mood board which you can use as a point of reference.

DON'T Have Single Chairs in a Room for Entertainment - It invites a person to sit alone and will only make them (and other guests) feel uncomfortable. Instead, group chairs in pairs or use sofas if space permits.

DO: Revitalize Your Curtains - Use borders or fringing to revitalize curtains or furniture and to pick up colors from a focal item in the room.

DON'T: Worry About What Your Friends Think - You have to live with the design, literally, Do what you think is best.

DO: Pay Attention to Lighting - Place lighting at different levels in the room. A combination of uplighters, table lamps, and standard lamps will add warmth and atmosphere. 

DON'T: Be Afraid of Colors - Experiment and have fun! You can always change it back again.