What comes to mind when you hear the words Interior Design? Chances are, few of these thoughts are positive ones. The design world has long been plagued by such misunderstanding, but it does, in fact, have much to offer you as a homeowner. It can be hard to know where to begin a home or room remodel, and many have made the mistake of believing the misnomers and endeavored to tackle these important projects alone.

Whether or not you've learned this lesson the hard way, below are some of the top misconceptions about interior design -- along with some corrections.

It's Expensive

Not true! While there tends to be a larger up-front cost to hiring an interior designer, homeowners actually save money by going this route. Why? Because having an expert do the heavy lifting - or heavy designing in this case - saves you money on needless mistakes and unused supplies. By hiring a design expert, you gain access to a plethora of benefits, from discounts to greatly improving the time it takes to complete your project. This is one instance in which you really do get what you pay for; designers are a worthwhile investment in your home that you will be thankful for, whether you're looking to update a room or prepare your house for sale.

It's Elitist

While there are definitely valid reasons for this stereotype, it's a blanket statement that needs to be done away with. Think about the last tie you were in a mall, hotel, airport, or even a neighbor's house. Were you inhibited or allured by the way things were...designed? Interior design has a huge impact on society, in huge and subtle ways. Its impact on your home is no different, so embrace all the resources - and people -that can be found in your area to help make your home the best it can be.

It's Easy

One of the most common misconceptions about interior design, this myth generated out of a spirit of independence - and stubbornness. Interior design, like any home remodeling component, can be time-consuming and arduous. It is not a task for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Acknowledging that your next project shouldn't be completed alone is crucial to its success. Go into it with sleeves rolled up, prepared to meet any issues that may arise head-on. Most of the time, this is made easier by not being a lone ranger.

It Will Extinguish My Dreams

It's not uncommon for a homeowner to be hesitant about asking for help where interior design is concerned. Designers have the stereotype of being pushy and adamant about their own ideas on what should be done, however, any good interior designer is quite the opposite. Interior designers are trained to care about the needs of clients, and that has an effect on every part of the process as they work towards that end.

While there are many misconceptions about interior design out there, you will do well to hit the mute button on the naysayers and embrace the help of a professional to produce your desired results. Don't make the mistake of going it alone. There is strength -- and success -- in numbers.