Glass Patio Doors

The doors you pick for your patio will have a larger impact on the space and your lifestyle than you might think. These doors are responsible for opening up your home to the beautiful outdoors, while keeping in heat and preventing unwanted dirt and bugs from finding their way inside. 

When deciding which patio doors are right for you, there are a few main factors and qualities to focus on. Let's run through them now.



Whether you live in the hot desert or brave the winter cold every year in New England, it's necessary to take into account your location's year-round climate when picking patio doors. Keep cool in the summer months and prevent heat from escaping in the winter with energy efficient doors.

A tempered insulated glass is perfect for insulating the house in the winter. Check with your manufacturer that the doors are well insulated for all seasons. 

Color and Design 

As with any home addition, a large part of the motivation for change is to add style and curb appeal to your house. The first style choice to make is color. Our patio doors come in a wide variety of colors, including;

-Beige exterior with a Barrister Oak

-White exterior with a Natural Oak, Barrister Oak, Colonial Cherry or London Walnut

-White or beige vinyl

-Bronze or Cocoa exterior with a White interior

If you don't see the exact shade you want, there's also the option to customize by matching a paint color.

Next, select what type of metal you would like for hardware. Hardware options range from standard white to brass or nickel finishes. Decide on a style that matches the rest of your house.

Screen Options

When the sun is shining and you want to let in some air but not the mosquitoes,  slide open your patio door! The screen you select should do its basic job of letting light in while keeping the elements and bugs out. But there may be a couple of things you haven't thought about. For example, if you have a dog or cat, you can pick a special screen that won't tear when pets climb or scratch. The PetScreen retains its outward visibility while preventing damage from pets. 

A second option, BetterVue offers more protection against insects while offering excellent visibility thanks to its finer mesh material. Go with a screen that won't impair your view, diminishes glare, and suits your family's lifestyle. 

Your Lifestyle - Low vs. High Maintenance

Of course, your personal habits and preferences play a role in which doors to install. If you're busy and don't want to add more work to your home, select low maintenance doors that will last a long time. Doors with weather-stripping will seal in the door to protect your home from water, dust, and debris. This allows you to enjoy the view without constantly having to clean up around the door frames.

No one wants to install large patio doors only to replace them within a few years. Make sure the doors you pick are high quality or it could end up costing you more in the long run. A few qualities that a long lasting patio door has include:

  • Steel material - Steel is strong enough to last many years, and can be used for the jamb section to prevent wear and tear. The roller wheels that allow the doors to slide can also be made in stainless steel.
  • Raised Door Track - The door track is where the door slides open and closed. A raised track will prevent the door from sliding free of the track and causing you alignment issues later on. 
  • Quality Wheels - ProEdge Remodeling patio doors use two sets of pivoting, stainless steel wheels that function headache-free. If you've ever had to muscle open a stubborn sliding door while carrying a plate of food you understand the importance of this. 

Now That You Know What Doors to Install...

Best of luck with adding the finishing touches on your space! Check out our professional patio doors here for more information about customizing the perfect doors.