Yes, we are providing window and door replacement and attic insulation services โ€“ with extra health and safety precautions as recommended by state and local guidelines. This includes the use of additional protective gear and new communication technologies to limit โ€“ or eliminate โ€“ in-person interaction during your estimate. Learn more in our blog.
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I will say that ProEdge was the third window vendor I had interviewed, so by then I was versed in the process. The first ProEdge salesperson was straight forward, precise in his presentation and knowledgeable regarding the subject. I had none of the long winded, rigid sales pitches like I had experienced with one of the prior vendors and on the contrary felt the ProEdge rep was respectful of my time and needs. The rep presented several display units highlighting the high end quality of the window construction and he handled my sometimes very technical questions regarding the windows very well. I came away from this first visit with a sense that ProEdge might be a good fit for what I was trying to do and moved their position within the quotes to a higher rank. ProEdge sent another rep (Sales Manager) the following day and he was also very well versed in the process and did another independent assessment of the total package. We were able to agree on a figure that made sense and he was able to arrange some fairly low cost financing if that became necessary to complete the project. My impression of the second rep was equally positive to the first and I took that as a very reassuring sign that this was the way the company ProEdge operated. Buying these windows is a major investment in both time and money, just as it was when I built the home thirty five years ago. I had to be comfortable with the company and convinced that the expense was worth it. Both the ProEdge reps accomplished those tasks and I look forward to getting this project in the works. Dave Demarey

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David, We're happy to hear that you had such a positive experience with our representatives. We value your opinion and appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your window replacement project. Thank you for choosing ProEdge Remodeling.

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